Our brand celebrates the two greatest gifts in life, family and golf

We are kids, moms and dads, we are players and caddies, enriched by our shared experiences. Our family's introduction to junior golf began while living in Germany, driving to the Netherlands on the weekend to compete in our very first tournaments.  

After moving back to the US, weekends were spent driving from Charleston to local tournaments in Savannah, regional tournaments in Pinehurst, Florida and Georgia. On those road trips, we talked about brands and the junior market “after-thought” nature of the big brands. These discussions morphed into building a brand alternative that kids could identify with and bring it to market. Something we had never done before, something that made us excited to do.

So that is what we are doing, building a brand 100% dedicated to the junior golfer and their caddies. Hipper and edgier with performance and style.  Hats, t-shirts and gear they can wear on the course, to school and around friends. We want to promote their love of the game in their daily lives, just like kids do in other sports. 

So while we are all chasing status, booking hotels, gassing up the car, eating out, going low, shooting high, laughing, crying, building character, making friends and life memories, our goal is to be a partner to the families, who just like us are embarking on this junior golf journey. 

~Jack, Harvey, Ben and Jess Pollock